It's difficult to describe who and what you are in a website page.

I may have never met you and I have to convince you to hire me based on a few lines, photographs and videos. Many people don't meet the expectations of the image that they portray so I'm trying to keep mine clean cut, professional and honest.

I have been playing the drums, singing and involved in music since I was 10 years old. It truly is a life blood and I am honoured to have played in so many different genres from TV to Theatre, Indie Bands to Cajun Groups. I've played many well known venues in the UK alongside everything in between.

I give passion to everything I play (what's the point if you don't?) It's the old lady on the front row of a theatre show that taps her foot to the beat that I am making or the businessman that comes to me at a function gig and laments for a different life that help keep me going.

As a cliché could be - 'I may not be a rich man but my spirit flies higher than many'

Keep my spirit alive and let me show you how I can help. Love Dan x