It's difficult to describe who and what you are on a web page.

Professionally, I can be many different drummers - loud, soft, jazzy and rocking out. I've worn wigs, played naked, acted and sung in front of thousands of people.

I'm not an ego head and just love doing what I've always done. Some of the best gigs you do turn out to be the smaller ones that really get an audience going and not the large glamorous events.

I have been playing the drums, singing and involved in music since I was 10 years old. It truly is a life blood and I am grateful to have played in different bands and styles from TV to Theatre, Indie Bands to Cajun Groups. I've played a lot of well known venues in the UK, Internationally and everything in between.

I give passion to everything I play. I'm happy, helpful and my spirit flies high.

To see me in action, please click the YouTube button.

Love Dan x

07883 304364